May 9, 2015


Pulling down box with suggestions for things to find offensive this year...pulling out slip of paper...opening it up...MOTHER'S DAY! Yes!

As if we didn't have enough going on with working moms shaming stay-at-home moms, breastfeeding moms shaming bottle feeding moms, moms of few children shaming moms with more children, helicopter moms shaming free-range moms, etc., now we have to shame moms who celebrate Mother's Day?? Are you kidding me??

My Facebook feed has been flooded these past few days with blog posts and articles about the evils of Mother's Day, how we should tone it down because there are people out there who are not moms and we're making them feel bad. Mothers are not special. Motherhood is not a job. It's not real work. Mothers don't do anything that childless people don't do, and do not deserve those construction paper cards, so carefully and lovingly drawn by tiny hands. Mother's Day is BS. SHAME!

Yes, we should be sensitive to people who have lost children, lost mothers, cannot have children, or have strained relationships with their own mothers. I am all for acknowledging that Mother's Day is a difficult day for all of these, and my heart goes out to them.
I refuse to, as one of the posts suggested, tone it down for those who have no desire to have children. I respect your decision not to have children. Everyone doesn't have to make the same choices in life. But, if that's what you have chosen, why do you care if my kids take me out do dinner on the second Sunday in May?

While I am sensitive to those who cannot celebrate Mother's Day because of circumstances beyond their control, I love my mother. I don't see anything wrong with having one day each year designated to buy her a card.

And, while I'm at it, there are a few people who have been left out of these posts about sensitivity to motherhood status at this time of year, so I would like to mention them here:

Elaine B. who raised not one, but THREE motherless children after losing her own baby after only ten days. Happy Mother's Day!
Nancy M. who is raising two children who are not her own as if they were, because their biological mother won't. Happy Mother's Day!
Amie H. who took three children that no one else was raising and gave them a stable, loving home where they are thriving. Happy Mother's Day!
Charee F. who has, just this week, become a surrogate mom for a couple in Colorado who cannot have children of their own. Rarely have I heard of anything so selfless. Happy Mother's Day!
Ashley M., Kelly A., and all the other moms who have crossed oceans to make sure abandoned and orphaned children had a mother to love them. Happy Mother's Day!
All the moms who never thought they would have children and are now holding their miracle babies.

You ALL deserve recognition. You are doing a big job. Anyone who thinks that motherhood isn't work, has obviously never spent more than 30 seconds with a child. You are special, especially to your kids. Having a day to appreciate you is not BS.
Oh, and hey, if you are adopted and you want to give your mom some extra love because she chose you and loves you more than anything on this planet, go ahead. There is no shame in it.

If you think mothers are no more special than anyone else, please ask the children who are being raised by the women mentioned above. I have a feeling they will tell you exactly how special mothers are.
I'm sure they envy you the luxury of thinking otherwise.

My Sweet Pea and Buddy have been coloring, pasting, and singing like crazy because someone told them that Sunday is a day to show Mommy how much they love her. I should only be ashamed of myself if I see their effort and think of it as, "BS."

Happy Mother's Day!!

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